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Acorn Fed Ibérico Tenderloin with Fine Herbs Carapace

Acorn Fed Ibérico Tenderloin with Fine Herbs Carapace

Serves 4 - Difficulty: Moderate

Time: Mise en place:

Ingredients (4 Portions):

- 1 Ibérico Tenderloin (Whole piece)
- Oregano
- Parsley
- Dill
- Basil
- La Vera Paprika
- Salt
- Pepper
- Extra virgin olive oil
- Patatoes
- Truffle oil
- Double cream
- Butter
- Onion
- "Perrechicos" (St. George’s wild mushrooms)
- Extra virgin olive oil


1º - Preheat oven to 90ºC.
2º - Trim the tenderloin of all fat and massage it with olive oil. Dry it off and then roll it through the chopped herbs (oregano, parsley, dill, basil) to coat it. Wrap the tenderloin with some film paper. Wrap it up tightly to make a roll and then wrap it up again in aluminum paper and once again in film paper, and then put it in a 90ºC preheated oven for 120 minutes.
3º - Boil the potatoes until just done. Remove them from the water and process them in the Thermomix for two minutes, at speed 1 and at 90ºC. Add the onion and continue processing (maximum speed), adding the butter, double cream, olive oil and finally the truffle oil; continue processing (at maximum speed) for another two minutes at 90ºC.
4º - Clean the wild mushrooms and sauté them in olive oil, merely heating them up and softening them a little bit.
5º - Place the truffled potato purée in a deep dish with wide wings, then add the roll of tenderloin and surround it all with the wild mushrooms, finishing it off with a few flakes of Maldon Salt and a drizzle of paprika oil.

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