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Acorn Fed Ibérico Holm Oak Wood Smoked Marinated Neck Steak

Acorn Fed Ibérico Holm Oak Wood Smoked Marinated Neck Steak

Serves 4 - Difficulty: Moderate

Time: Mise en place:

Ingredients (4 Portions):

- 2 kg. Ibérico Neck Steak
- Las Pedroñeras Garlic cloves
- Extra virgin olive oil
- Holm oak wood sawdust
- Gellan gum
- Port wine
- Brandy
- Butter
- ½ Cup milk
- Tender Sprouts


1º - Preheat oven to 180ºC.
2º -Boil the garlic cloves in the milk with salt and pepper. Once the cloves are soft, remove them from the milk, peel the cloves and emulsify them with some extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Heat the emulsion and add the Gellan gum. Place the emulsion in a square food plating mold so that you can later obtain equal sized square sheets once the emulsion has solidified.
3º - Make the sauce by heating the Port Wine and Brandy. Once it starts to simmer add the butter and let it dissolve completely. Reduce the sauce until glossy, cool it and set aside.
4º - Sear the neck steak on all sides in a sizzling hot oven-proof pan. Once seared and sealed put the pan into a 180ºC preheated oven for 10 minutes. Take it out of the oven and set aside, making sure stays warm.
5º - Pour a little bit of the warm Port Wine and Brandy sauce around the mille-feuille and cover it with the tender sprouts. Impregnate the dish with the Holm oak sawdust smoke and cover it up with a glass bell dome. When you serve the dish and take off the glass bell dome the first thing the diner perceives is the smoke aroma, which will have impregnated the food giving rise to reminiscences of the Holm oak wood to all the ingredients of the dish.

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